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Rise In Pursuit of Empowerment: A Review

My one-true love is “Self-Help” books, and I mean it! And when I got the chance to review Rise In Pursuit of Empowerment, I was thrilled; as soon as I read the title of the book, I was confident that this is the book I have been waiting for a long time to read.

Not saying out of exaggeration, but I find this book very relatable. This book features 25 outstanding women, who fought against all odds to empower themselves, as well as other women! Rise In Pursuit of EmpowermentAnd out of all these 25, my personal favourites are Star 18, 19, 20 and 25.

This book will let you fall in love with yourselves, you will understand why education is so important for women, and how an Empowered Women can Empower other Women! Blood, sweat, tears, grief, poverty, hard work and persistence are what it takes to truly rise to one’s greatness, and ‘Rise In Pursuit of Empowerment’ will have you feeling “I am one of those ladies, I can do this too!”

Rise In Pursuit of Empowerment

Introduced by Sabine Matharu:

Name of the book: Rise- In Pursuit of Empowerment
Introduced by: Sabine Matharu
Featuring 25 Women Authors
Genre: Self Help
Release Date: 4th March 2018


Written for and by inspirational entrepreneurial women whose hidden creativity and business acumen is eager to come out despite facing an array of traumatic experiences, mindset and domestic battles, RISE – In Pursuit of Empowerment, published by Reach for Greatness Ltd., is a beacon of hope for all women. Through the incredible stories of 25 women, you will learn that while obstacles are a given, you also have what it takes to rise above challenges, create a space and niche for yourself and turn impossible experiences into incredible opportunities that are profitable and fulfilling at the same time. RISE – In Pursuit of Empowerment, the first in a series of 4 books, will teach you:- How to tap into your intuition and inner strength to overcome stress, grief and trauma – How to take the challenges you have and turn them into opportunities – How to rise above the noise and come out victorious – Why your inner woman is a force to be reckoned with and – How to overcome substantial obstacles to live a more fulfilling and well-balanced life.


Sabine Matharu is a passionate business start-up and growth strategist, who specializes in helping women find their purpose and monetize their unique skills so that they can build a thriving business.
Her signature program is “The Business Accelerator Mastermind”, that teaches and supports entrepreneurs to implement an easy to follow methodology around how to build a long term profitable business without overwhelm and detours.
She also runs “The Greatness Club”, which complements the work she does in her Mastermind and provides women a platform and springboard for visibility, networking and lead generation. Sabine comes with years of experience as a corporate leadership consultant and has worked with over 1000 people
in senior positions.
She firmly believes that it is possible to reach for the greatness that is within ourselves.
Connect With Sabine Matharu @
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Poem: Rise

An outstanding poem by Nasreen Variyawawhich summarizes this book-

Rise for the heart that was torn
Rise for the war that you fought
Rise for those that let you down
Rise ‘cos you didn’t drown, Rise!
Rise because it is you who bled
Rise because of the tears you shed
Rise ‘cos you’re a beacon of hope
Rise ‘cos you’re the light that glows, Rise!
Rise ‘cos you loved them so
Rise ‘cos they didn’t know
Rise ‘cos you didn’t lose
Rise ‘cos you weren’t a snooze, Rise!
Rise for the integrity you learnt
Rise ‘cos life left you burnt
Rise for the roads that were rough
Rise ‘cos you proved you were tough, Rise!
Rise ‘cos of the stories you tell
Rise ‘cos of the lessons you spell
Rise ‘cos you’re the icon of strength
Rise ‘cos you refused to bend, Rise!

Rise for the road ahead
Rise ‘cos you’re alive, not dead
Rise for the goals that are bigger
Rise for the desire to be better, Rise!
Rise ‘cos your role is vital
Rise ‘cos you’re teaching survival
Rise for the path you took
Rise for your new book, Rise!
Rise ‘cos you worked so hard
Rise ‘cos you hold the trump-card
Rise as you continue to thrive
Rise ‘cos you do more than survive, Rise!
Rise for the talent that you have
Rise for the ship that you drive
Rise for the doors you now open
Rise for the path that you’ve chosen, Rise!
Rise for daring to dream
Rise for the vision you’ve weaved
Rise for daring to try
For reaching new heights, Rise!

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    • I should say thanks for giving me this opportunity to read and review this amazing book!I look forward reviewing more books 🙂 and thanks for the compliment btw!

  1. Thanks so much for reviewing my book. I am so happy you not only enjoyed the story line but also the images. The next book is already in the pipeline as this is a series of 4 – as my vision is to feature 100 women and then also release a jubilee book – so anyone who has a story can apply to be an author. Best to contact me directly.

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