Win Your Life with a Permanent Fix
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Win Your Life with a Permanent Fix

Win Your Life with a Permanent Fix

Win Your Life with a Permanent Fix by Chetan Prabhu Desai

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Am I the only one who thinks “self-help” genre possesses some sort of magic in it or you too think the same way?
Well, if I talk about this book by Mr. Desai he has done an amazing job by giving us this book! This book is a valuable read. This book is totally oriented towards Positive attitude.
It’s a must read for all of us, if you truly want to succeed in your life with a balanced approach! The author, with his deep experience in eastern spiritualism and modern practical methods, uplifts the readers with thought provoking insights, awakening the latent spirit to action.
In short, this book possesses the magic needed to change our lives if taken the right steps!

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